Every so often I will run a competition or giveaway through the blog. I’ll announce each new competition so make sure you check this page regularly.

Previous competitions:

March 2015: 1000 subscribers giveaway (winners – Rebecca, Lee and rocknramen)

October 2014: ‘Buddhist Wisdom’ book giveaway (winner – Ali)

June 2014: HYPER JAPAN ticket competiton (winner – Charlotte)

March 2014: ‘Hakuouki’ series giveaway

December 2013: ‘C for Control’ giveaway (winner – Rob)

September 2013: ‘Pumpkin Scissors’ giveaway (winner – Tara)

June 2013: ‘Kids on the Slope’ giveaway (winners – Joseph and Albert)

May 2013: ‘Buddhaland Brooklyn’ giveaway (winners – Ms Boyce and Sue)

March 2013: Cosplay competition (see winners here)

December 2012: ‘Isn’t Anyone Alive?’ giveaway (winner – Michaela)

October 2012: ‘Broken Blade’ giveaway (winner – Baris)

August 2012: Blog birthday bonanza (various winners)

May 2012: ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ giveaway (winner – Chris)

January 2012: Banner competition (see winner’s deviantart)

December 2011: Q&A contest (see response video)

September 2011: Art competition (see winner’s deviantart)

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