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Bone Daddies comes to James Street

Bone Daddies comes to James Street

Bone Daddies is slowly taking over London and now has 7 branches dotted around London. It shows no signs of slowing down and each of its restaurants offer something different in terms of atmosphere and menu choices, so the formula doesn’t risk getting old any time soon. In fact, when I went to their soft … Continue reading

Following the trends at Shackfuyu

If you thought Japanese food in England was starting to taste a bit ‘samey’ (not that I’ll ever get bored of sushi, donburi etc), head over to Shackfuyu in Soho in London as soon as you can! This pop-up restaurant is the latest venture by the Bone Daddies group and is open until next winter and will … Continue reading

Rock, roll n’ ramen at Bone Daddies!

What could be better on a cold winter’s night than a hot bowl of curry ramen? If your answer is ‘not much’, I highly recommend Bone Daddies’ new restaurant in High Street Kensington, London! Bone Daddies already have a very popular branch in Soho and, to cope with popularity, opened another on the first floor the … Continue reading