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Book Review: Spring Snow

I realise we’re still in the first week of January, but I’m going to say it: we have an early contender for the book’s blog of the year 2016! As with all my book reviews, I will keep detail on the plot brief so you can discover the magic for yourself. Spring Snow is a … Continue reading

Book review: Number 9 Dream

Number 9 Dream is the second novel from David Mitchell, he of Cloud Atlas fame. He spent a few years travelling around Japan before he became a published writer, and you can see he got a lot of his inspiration from his time in the country. Number 9 Dream is a fairly trippy story set in … Continue reading

Book of the month: KAI

Book of the month: KAI

When I got an email in my inbox from the delightful Mr Derek Vasconi asking ‘Would you be interested in reviewing my Japanese horror fiction book?’, I immediately said “yes!” because it was a high time I branched out into a genre that normally keeps me hidden behind the sofa all evening. If, like me, you steer … Continue reading

Book review: Sushi and Beyond

Book review: Sushi and Beyond

If you think you know ‘pretty much everything’ about Japanese food, and you aren’t actually a Japanese chef, you probably haven’t read Sushi and Beyond: What the Japanese know about cooking by Michael Booth. You might be familiar with your sushi, don and okonomiyaki, but what about chanko nabe, nagashi somen, sogi giri or the secret to … Continue reading

Book Review: All She Was Worth

Book Review: All She Was Worth

Just before I went to Japan, I loaded a couple of Japanese novels onto my iPad so I wouldn’t have to lug a load of books around for 2 weeks. As it turned out, I only got through one book – Memoirs of a Geisha – in that time but I’ve been steadily working through … Continue reading

Book of the Month: The Guest Cat

It’s almost February (already?), which means it’s time to announce the next Book of the Month. I’d been wanting to read The Guest Cat ever since I first saw it on display a few months ago in Waterstones, which manages to persuade me to depart with my money every time I step in the door, but I … Continue reading

#NaNoWriMo book review: The Reason I Jump

We’ve reached the end of National Novel Writing Month on the blog! Hopefully you’ve discovered some new books and had some early Christmas present inspiration. Our last book of the month is a rather unique one, ‘The Reason I Jump’ by Naoki Higashida. Unlike the other books reviewed this month, ‘The Reason I Jump’ isn’t … Continue reading

#NaNoWriMo book review: In the Miso Soup

When I spotted Ryu Murakami’s ‘In the Miso Soup’ on the shelves in Waterstones, I immediately knew I had to review it for the blog. And so, that’s how we’ve come to our third #NaNoWriMo book review of the month. This book is disturbing, terrifying and hilarious all at the same time. Twenty year-old Kenji … Continue reading